Fruit Painting

Some still life paintings I did for college:

The aim of these paintings was to practice accurate colour mixing and gain experience of contrasting colours.

I used Vincent Van Gogh as inspiration for these paintings because I liked the way he edged his fruit in blue in his still life paintings. It contrasts the colours of the fruit so makes them stand out.

I also did these preparatory sketches to help me to decide on the composition and get familiar with the pieces of fruit.

Still Life at College

I have been at art college for nearly a month now but have been too busy to share any of my college art with you until now.

This is what I did in my first drawing lesson:

Our teacher set up this still life consisting of several large white boxes and told us how to use our pencils to measure and compare the distances of what we were drawing to help get the sizes accurate. This was also good practice on drawing in perspective.

I’ll be back with more art from college soon!

Eloise xxx

Series of Sunflowers

Lately, I have been loving all the sunflowers which are in bloom at the moment. I took a photograph of one which is growing in my garden and decided to do a black pen drawing from it. I then decided to do one in green and one in yellow (one for each colour of the flower). I came up with the idea of doing them in entirely one colour because of the famous sunflowers painting by Vincent Can Gogh that is painted almost entirely in yellow.

I then stuck them all onto one piece of paper and added some beads round the edge. I feel like the drawings could have been a little more accurate and the yellow one would maybe have looked better in a slightly brighter shade but overall I am fairly pleased with the outcome.

Lowry Copy

This is a copy I did of a painting by Lowry. I started it a long time ago and had been too busy to finish it until recently. It’s a slightly different subject to what I usually paint but I enjoyed it. I especially liked capturing all of Lowry’s little ‘matchstick men’ which he is so well known for. I feel like the people on my painting were a bit too small compared to the ones on the original painting, but I suppose that is what makes it my own. It was hard work capturing all the detail but I’m pleased with the result. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Eloise xxx

Puddles and Portraits

This is a painting I completed last week on the theme of identity and reflection. It depicts a timeline of myself growing up and The Shambles in York which is important to part of my identity as it is where I went on holiday last year. As I couldn’t go on holiday this year due to COVID-19, painting this has been a way of reliving last year’s holiday.

The water reinforces the idea of reflection, and the road suggests a change in my future. I painted the street from a photograph but changed the weather (the photo was sunny), to give a more meaningful and dramatic feel. I found out lots of little photos of my childhood to use for reference for the timeline.

I hope you like this painting, please comment your thoughts.

Eloise xxx

Watercolour post cards and bookmarks

I created these watercolour postcards and bookmarks last weekend to sell on my Depop store. I really enjoyed creating these and finding out nice bible quotes to put on the post cards.

If you are interested in purchasing click here. The postcards could also be framed or put in the wall as a picture. They could make nice gifts or just keep them to yourself!

Watercolour is a very nice medium to work with and I’m hoping to create some more watercolour items if these go down well.😊🌸

Thank you for reading,

Eloise xxx

Sunflower Painting & Competition

This is an acrylic painting on canvas which I created inspired by the life of my favourite artist, Vincent Van Gogh. I included the two most significant images that occur in his paintings – sunflowers and cypress trees, as well as incorporating my own love of Cottagecore and vintage, by adding the girl in the long dress and hat. It also has some symbolism: the flying bird is a symbol of hope; the cypress trees symbolise sadness; the red (of the dress) is the colour of extremes, and if you look closely you will see the aquamarine bracelet she is wearing (a symbol of serenity). Two of the sunflowers at the front have charms on them – one with a bluebird (which symbolises happiness, and one with a dolphin (which symbolises friendship). All these are qualities I found in Vincent Van Gogh when doing research. As a young artist I hope the vibrancy of this painting will pay tribute to Van Gogh, and all future artists to come.

I have entered it in the Hobbycraft art competition so would be so grateful if you could follow the link and like my painting. Thank you! x

The flying bird
Aquamarine bracelet
Bluebird charm
Dolphin charm

Sketching Out and About

I haven’t been able to do as much sketching out and about this year as I would normally due to the circumstances, but yesterday it was beautiful and sunny so I went to my local forest with my family and did this drawing. It’s only a quick sketch but I thought I would share it with you.

Eloise xxx

Please Save the Pangolins

I was inspired to do these two drawings after watching a documentary a couple of years ago about how pangolins are sold at wet markets for their scales and meat. The documentary was heartbreaking to see and I really felt I had to do something to help these beautiful animals, so I decided to do some art to raise awareness of this terrible situation.

Covid 19 was likely caused through selling animals such as Pangolins at wet markets so this really needs to stop! You may like to consider giving a donation to to help them. Thank you so much! xx

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