Mandala Pen Drawing

A while back, I uploaded a post about a mandala which I had drawn, and the lovely meditative qualities of drawing, colouring and staring at mandalas.

The mandala I had drawn was fairly basic and just done using a mechanical pencil. I had seen many fancy styles of mandalas in colouring books, in shops and on social media, and so, wanted to develop my mandala drawing skills.

I found a very helpful video, showing you how to use a compass and ruler to create rings and segments for your mandala. I followed these steps and created this slightly more advanced mandala:

It was very intricate and took about an hour to produce, however, the calming effects of drawing the mandala, make this time pass very differently than you might expect.

My first, more basic mandala:

When looking at a mandala, the right side of your brain (the creative side) lightens up, allowing you to feel more at peace and aware of your surroundings. I definitely felt this as I drew my mandala and am keen to develop my skills on drawing them.

I would strongly recommend staring at, colouring or drawing a mandala as the feeling of calm really helps you to have a deeper appreciation of life.

Look for some more mandala themed posts on this site which will be coming in the future!

I hope you like my drawing. 😁


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