Bedroom Pen Sketches

I told you to look out for some more of my pen sketches, so here they are!

In my first felt pen sketch post which I posted a few weeks ago, I explained how drawing in pen, without making any pencil marks first, can be very helpful in allowing you to gain confidence with your art; despite being a little scary at the beginning.

This is most certainly true.

That first sketch was of my desk lamp, and theses new two are also of things around my room. As was discovered by the early impressionist artists, as well as beautiful and meaningful masterpieces, everyday objects actually make very nice and eye catching artworks.

In that lamp sketch, and the one pictured above, I felt didn’t need any shading underneath them. However, the pencil case looked a bit lost without some (that’s why I added one!). Pen sketches are the sort of art that you don’t have to obey too many of the art rules for (like not using black and always adding shading).

I enjoyed creating these colourful sketches, even if they didn’t turn out quite as I had wanted. That’s the thing about art – every piece is a unique experiment. I would strongly recommend trying a felt tip sketch if you are keen to develop your art skills.

Good luck,

Eloise xxx

P.S. I hope you like my sketches! 😁

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