My Dream Cake

When I saw this month’s competition in a magazine I am subscribed to was to design your ‘dream cake’ I was immediately excited as to what I was going to create. My mind got thinking of all sorts of ideas and I eventually came up with this:

I have titled my dream cake ‘A Peace of Cake’ because it is designed to make peace among those who produce it and consume it. To do this, it contains fair trade, sustainable ingredients from a variety of countries and cultures including bananas from Africa, chocolate raisins popular in Germany, and cinnamon which is grown in Sri Lanka. It is also vegan, gluten free, soya free and nut free, so it can be enjoyed by a large number of people.

For the competition I had to draw the cake, and tell them what it would taste like. It contains many different elements, so here is what each part tastes like:

The River to Heaven:

A gorgeously gooey chocolate ganache which begins its journey in the comfort of the chocolate cave of care, then falls over the first three layers of mocha sponge, banana sponge and cranberry and cinnamon sponge. The mocha sponge tastes of devilishly dark chocolate with a sweetly satisfying swig of coffee, hints of floral, and notes of hope and compassion. The banana sponge is freedom in cake form; it tastes of fresh, ripe, organic bananas which lie in a beautiful bed of perfectly plain sponge and will fill your mouth with sweetness, fruitiness and sunshine! Last, but not least is the cranberry and cinnamon layer which tastes like the joy of Christmas! Zingy bursts of cranberry tickle your tastebuds, and the soothing smell of spice makes you feel as though you are tucked under a patchwork quilt made by Granny. Sandwiched between each layer is a vanilla buttercream which tastes like ice cream at the seaside, and is interspersed with crunchy pieces of flavourful banana chips. The chocolate ganache continues to fall over another three layers of the sponges until it reaches a pool at the base of the cake. It is surrounded by jewels of more cranberries and chocolate raisins which taste like a French market of fruit.

The Chocolate Cave of Care:

This pure piece of moulded milk chocolate tastes of polluted-free air and happy animals. It will calm your nerves and fill your nose and mouth with an irresistible chocolate smell everyone will love.

The Healing Halo of Hope:

A nest of intricately fine fingers of spun sugar which will make you feel as though you have already reached heaven. It tastes better than the best dessert you have ever eaten, with hints of salted caramel and notes of loving popcorn.

The Meaningful Meditation Garden:

This consists of a chocolate flake bench which tastes of king thoughts and calmness, a row of banana chip stepping stones which taste of swaying spring daisies and love, and a few sugar paste flowers sitting quietly at the base of the cave. These taste of free will and superpowers.

The Love and Peace Falls of Fairness:

The main part of this drip effect icing which glides over a rich chocolate butter cream is pink (which represents love). This tastes of whatever the consumer brings to mind (providing it is something nice). The drips, which fade into a sensational sapphire blue (which represents peace) taste of endless rainbows and unicorn kisses!

I know some of these flavours would be impossible to actually taste, but I feel that these abstract things are much more important in life (especially in my dream cake) because I would love the world to be at peace and free of the never ending conflict our poor and precious planet has to face.

I had to hold my stream of ideas in my head for a while before I could put them onto paper because of GCSEs, and I was worried that I wouldn’t finish it in time. But, like things always do, it turned out fine in the end and I, personally, think it is my best cake design so far (you can see my others here:

I will just have to wait and see if I have got anywhere with it!

Thank you for sparing the time to read this,

Eloise xxx

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