My completed nature composition project – Beauty Comes from Within

About 18 months ago I began an art project which would consist of creating a composition from my drawings and photos. Because I am homeschooled I cannot do an art GSCE, but this was a similar to task to the ones asked of students doing this, so I thought it would be a good idea to do it – and add it to my portfolio – which will help me to get into art college next year.

I live near a beautiful forest which I decided I would incorporate into my composition. So I took lots of photos and drawings from it, as well as from several other parks and gardens which I went to over the summer.

I found one tree in particular which really got my mind going. It was a tall, old pine tree with a door-shaped gap in its bark. In reality, you could still see wood through this gap, but I imagined that you could see hills and flowers and trees. So I decided that this is what I would produce for my composition.

I produced lots of drawings of flowers, many of which I posted on here; some from my own photos and some from photos I found online:

I also drew the little oak leaves for the birds:

Next I began using acrylics to paint the tree.

Once I had completed the tree, I realised that I would need a lot more flower drawings than I could feasibly produce. I also needed most of them to be smaller. Because of this I scanned them into my computer to print out a large number of my drawings (and reduce the size).

lastly, I cut them to shape and stuck them on using PVA and water which gives a nice finish. I also added the sky and clouds:

It was now complete and I decided to title it Beauty Comes from Within which is something I heard a friend say and I thought it would suit my composition very nicely.

The message behind this painting is that, like tree bark, many things in life (especially people) may be dull, like bark, on the surface. But if you look closer you may find something more beautiful. And if you look closer still, you may see that the birds are actually made of oak leaves and the trees of flower buds! 😁🌷🍁✏️

I hope you like my completed composition. It has been a long project and any thoughts or ideas about it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Eloise xxx

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