Competition Prize Book Review

Back in the summer I posted a cake design which I had created for a ‘dream cake’ competition run by the Aquila magazine. I was really enthusiastic about this as I love designing cakes and the prize was: a personalised star apron, Fantastic Eats and How to Cook Them by Angelica Bell, an edible chemistry kit and some essential baking ingredients all inside your own personalised enamel mixing bowl. Three runners – up would receive the book by Angelica Bell. I love baking I really hoped that I would win these goodies!

All I had to do was wait until the results came in September…

I didn’t come first, but I was one of the runners up! I feel very lucky to have got this title, even if I was a little disappointed at not winning. I was very excited when my copy of Fantastic Eats and How to Cook Them came through the post – it’s not very often when the post man brings something for me!

I couldn’t wait to get looking at the recipes and have already made one of them several times so I thought I would share a review of it with you.

Fantastic Eats and How to Cook Them is a children’s cookery book which immediately appeals to this audience – the title reminding us of JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

It is written by Angellica Bell (winner of celebrity Masterchef 2017). As well as now being an author, she is a British television and radio presenter probably best known for presenting on CBBC over 10 years ago. Having had this job, Angellica clearly knows how to address children.

Despite it being aimed at Children, it is presented in an adult, unpatronising way which I feel is suitable for any age group. It provides enough information about using cookery equipment and how to chop vegetables that children can be safe to try out any of the recipes even if they have never cooked before.

The recipes are split into two sections: Savoury and Sweet. Each recipe has at least one large photo and additional tips and background information is provided for each one. There are a wide range of recipes, some simple, some a little more complex. However, having won this book for a cake design competition, I was hoping for a few more cake recipes. As I am vegetarian I was also a little disappointed that a lot of the recipes contain meat – although with some thought this can easily be replaced with a veggie-friendly ingredient.

I have tried and tested the Jamaican Rock Buns recipe which turned out very well, tasted great and went down nicely with my family. The recipes are easy to follow, although a lot of them go over more than two pages – making it difficult to turn the page when you have sticky hands!

Overall, this book was a great prize to receive and I would give it a 7 out of 10 rating. I am keen to try out some more of the inventive recipes and they might even inspire me to come up with some of my own to share with you. I would recommend this book to any youngsters who are either beginners or experienced in cookery.

Thanks for reading!

Here is my cake design that won this runner – up prize:

Find out more about my design here:

Eloise xxx

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