Water inspired by David Hockney

Over the past few months I have been doing an art study of water.

It’s very interesting to look more closely at the magical way this life-giving liquid behaves, which painting and drawing it has allowed me to do.

It can splash, shimmer, sparkle or bounce using techniques which can be represented in many different ways through art.

It is not an easy subject to portray and I’ve found it difficult to pick a technique I like best – I love Monet’s romantic impressions, however, I was also captivated by the very different, yet just as effective way that David Hockney captures the beauty of water. He uses far more carefully positioned and precise marks and brushstrokes, usually used to portray water inside swimming pools, rather than lakes. Since I go swimming regularly, I was able to watch the magnificent swirls and ripples created by a moving pool and decided to copy my favourite artwork of David Hockney’s.



I used watercolour and acrylics on a mixed media pad for this artwork. ☺️💦🎨

Eloise xxx

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