‘Time for Reflection’ – water composition

As I said in my previous posts, I have been doing an art project on water recently. I did quite a few different art exercises to capture water in different ways, and then decided to put together a whole composition which incorporated all of these different techniques: reflections, splashes and droplets.

I went to the forest near me which often serves as inspiration for my artwork as it is so beautiful. There is one part in particular which I like a lot – a quiet little lake nestled under a halo of greenery with lily pads resting peacefully on the surface and a heron which often hides among the heath and reeds. Tranquil.

I went to this special place and took some photos; it was the end of summer and luckily it was still nice and green.

I used this photo, along with my imagination and some other photos of the which I found online to create my painting from. I begun by making a pencil sketch, then used acrylics for the final thing:

The original sketch:

I like to have a message behind a lot of my artworks and although I feel that art should be able to speak for itself and be open to different interpretations, it is helpful for the viewer to know what the artist intended. So here is what I wanted this painting to show:

The magpie (as magpies love shiny things) has collected the can, but has been careless and dropped it in the lake, in the same way the many humans crave beautiful things but are careless with them.

The droplets of water are meant to be on the surface of a camera lens; this time the roles are reversed as a human is observing the animal’s careless action through the camera lens, instead of animals observing the destruction of humans.

Eloise xxx

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