My Art College Taster Day

Last week I went to a taster day at Lichfield college where I am planning on going in September to do a UAL in art and design. After having previously been to an open evening and had an interview there, I thought it would be a good opportunity to really get the feel of how my time there will be.

The session started at 9:30am so I arrived a little earlier and was told to wait in the lecture theatre where a few others were already waiting. Slowly, a few more people arrived until there were about 19 of us. We were given a brief summary of the day by the teachers, and were then divided randomly into three groups – a, b and c. I was in group a.

The taster day was for people interested in photography, fashion and media, as well as art, so the day covered a variety of activities for each of these creative areas. During the first activity we used a dark room to develop our own photos using light and chemicals:

We also used a camera obscura to create mysterious looking photos of ourselves and made wool pom poms with the fashion teacher who was very lively and chatty.

After the lunch break we made pinch pots in ceramics:

and finally, we created an animation using drawings.

At 3pm I went home after a long day of creating!

I enjoyed this experience and am looking forward to going there in September and sharing with you all the artworks I produce.

Be sure to follow my site to make sure you don’t miss out on my art journey! It is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Eloise xxx

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