Prints Inspired by Tim Mara

I attended a workshop at Wolverhampton art gallery last week where we looked round the Tim Mara: Not Pop? exhibition and were encouraged to notice the themes and patterns he used in his art. The exhibition was titled Not Pop? because a lot of his art looked like pop art but instead of being influenced by popular culture, Mara was inspired my the great masters, so much of his artwork was more like that of a still life. He included a lot of people in his art, but rarely showed their faces in the aim to focus the viewer’s attention on the surroundings, not the portrait.

We were set the task of drawing one of the many patterns in his prints, and also attempted some quick drawing challenges.

After that we used the patterns we were inspired by to create prints by drawing into a polystyrene tile with a sharp pencil. We were encouraged to draw a hand because it was reminiscent of the way Mara created portraits without showing the face.

We used printing ink to produce our first prints, then created more smaller tiles to print in other colours on top. I am quite pleased with the way mine turned out, although I feel like a might have used a few too many patterns – making the hand a bit unclear to see.

Let me know what you think of them below. 😊

Eloise xxx

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