Pet Portrait

About six months ago some friends, after seeing some of my artwork, asked me to do a pet portrait of their two Jack Russles, Milo and Oscar. I seized the opportunity and promptly agreed – this was my first pet portrait commission!

They decided that the drawing should be in black and white pencil. I began, like most of my artworks begin, by drawing up a few sketches of the dogs for my costumers to see so they could ask me to change the layout if they didn’t like it. However, there was nothing that I needed to change so I embarked on the final piece. I don’t use grids or anything like that for my portraits – I feel that it is much more natural and easy to change things if I do it freehand. Observation is an essential part of capturing the likeness and even though I didn’t manage to draw in every hair exactly the same as the photos I was drawing from, I hope that I have captured a good likeness of these cheeky dogs!

If you follow my Instagram: eloisesdesignedlife, you will have seen the gradual process of this artwork. Please go follow me if you haven’t already. I am looking forward to giving it to my costumers once I am able to. It’s a bit difficult while in quarantine!

Comment below what you think of this drawing, I love to hear feedback. I’m hoping to do some more pet portraits in future.

Thank you,

Eloise xxx

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