World Bee Day

I started this drawing of a honey bee about a year ago because of my passion and concern for these beautiful creatures, but have only recently got round to completing it. However, this was perfect timing because it is world bee day today!

World bee day is a time to reflect on all the reasons why I felt the need to do this drawing; bees are nature’s essential workers, we could not live without them. They pollinate flowers so plants can grow. Without plants there is no food. Without food there is no us.

So bees are important right? We couldn’t live without them. But the bad news is that bees, especially the honey bee, are becoming increasingly endangered.

Bees are dying out because of many reasons, such as diseases, which are out of our control. However, one reason they are dying is because of pollution. As the air fills with pollution, scent from plants is harder for bees to detect so they cannot pollinate flowers to make honey and get the nutrients they need. A second reason is the use of pesticides which are designed to kill species which are harmful to crops. But some of these pesticides also kill bees.

What can you do to help?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the number of bees has risen by a small amount. This is because there is less pollution from cars as people haven’t been going out so much during the lockdown. So the best things you can do to help are: don’t use cars so much, stay away from harmful pesticides, and plant flowers such as sunflowers, rosemary, buttercups and lavender which encourage bees to continue pollinating! 🌸🌻

You can also learn more about bees and what you can do to help here:

With your help we can save the bees! 🐝

Thank you,

Eloise xxx

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