15 year old Illustrator, artist, blogger.

I love being creative! 😁🎨✏️

I don’t want you to think this is just another blog. As a teenager I have many ups and downs in my life, I made this blog to help me and everyone else out there, relax, be creative and try new ideas!

Since I was very little I have always loved drawing and I couldn’t imagine life without art. Weather it was sketching, doodling or designing outfits in fashion design books there is nothing better than the magic of creating something completely unique out of nothing other than a pencil and paper. Many people say I am talented but I never like to show off and this blog is purely for enjoyment and to share with you my work as it progresses.

As well as art my hobbies are also baking, craft and sports. I love coming up with new recipes and DIYs. My favourite sport is swimming and nearly every weekend I go out and about being active with my family which I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Good luck with being creative!