Animating my Drawings

As you probably already know, I love drawing and animating my drawings is something I really enjoy too! I am starting by doing simple animations which will hopefully turn into longer and more detailed videos. Subscribe to my You Tube channel: to watch what I produce and encourage me to progress. 😃

In the past I have used an animation app called Animation Lite which is great for beginners. However, as I have been doing a very interesting Future Learn course on animation, I have discovered a few new apps which I would recommend. Firstly, I would recommend FlipaClip for animating cartoon like drawings on an iPhone or tablet. I would recommend Stop Motion for animating more detailed drawings or objects.

FlipaClip animation:

Beonfire Night Animation: Sketcher’s Pen Firework Display.


Christmas animation: Building a snowman.

a258599a-bd7a-4d92-9e41-25a6ca6f93d7My second animation: Basic ghost video.

0C37D62E-111F-4530-AF54-427F01C2E83CMy first animation: Falling Leaf.

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