Learning to draw

At the beginning:
At the very start I strongly recommend using step by step drawing tutorials that are easy to find on Pinterest and magazines. I found this helped me a lot and it’s a lot easier than trying to find where to start yourself.

The next step is to start drawing in 3D, you can see by this example how this makes your drawing come to life! The best way to master this is to start with basic shapes like the cube or a pyramid. Make sure your lines are as parallel as possible but don’t get annoyed with yourself. Remember, practice makes perfect!

IMG_1014.JPGNow it’s time to add shading! I think this is the best part of drawing and is where the magic lies. Just pick up some coded (drawing pencils available from most art and craft stores) and away you go! The higher the number the darker the pencil, make sure you examine your sene closey so you can get the shading prefect. To insure your drawing looks realistic all your shadows must be parallel and in the same direction. In the same way, all the lighter areas must be coming in the same direction  from the sorce of light. It’s simple to blend the shaded areas with an eraser and if you want to add very fine strips of shade why not purchase a putty rubber. (available from most good quality art and craft stores) I hope this will help your drawinging really come alive!


The final step for me is the detail. By examining your object in full detail it allows you to put as much life into your drawing as possible. Never think a drawing can be too difficult and remember to focus on a small area at a time.

IMG_1148.JPGI think that still life is a great way to begin to learn to draw, its simple to find any random objects around the house to create your still life scene and as the name tells us, it is still which saves you the worry of getting your sketches down before your scenery changes. Using curved objects like bowls and fruit is a great way to show light. And, the trick to add detail is to look at each section individually so you don’t get overwhelmed with thinking about too much at once.

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