Face masks made to order

As I said in my previous post, I have set up a Depop shop selling all my own arts and crafts which I hope will be the beginning of my future livelihood.

I have been sewing lots of creations during this Coronavirus period, including fabric face masks. As so many people want face masks at the moment I thought it was selfish to keep this to myself so I am now doing face masks made to order from a huge range of fabric! 😁🌸😷

Adult face masks £7

Child face masks £5

Free shipping to UK! (£3 shipping to rest of the world)

Face masks are made with two layers of fabric and a tie fastening so can be adjusted to the tightness you prefer! Choice of fabric is shown below. If you are interested please comment or message me by email (see contact page on menu).

All purchases are hugely appreciated!

Thank you


Crafts for Sale

I have recently set up a Depop shop selling all my own jewellery and accessories, and one of my recent creations for sale are these bookmarks with my own original illustrations for just £3 each.

My dream job is to be an artist / illustrator and designer, selling my own artworks and products with my own designs so I feel that this shop could be the start of my future livelihood.

If you are interested in purchasing these bookmarks or any of other items click here, or if you would just like to view my range of items visit my ‘Shop’ page on this site.

I hate to advertise but it would really boost my confidence if I had a few purchases. If you buy one item I will give you another item of your choice entirely FREE!

Thank you!

Eloise xxx

Reversed Roles

I titled this drawing “Reversed Roles” because the idea came to me at the begining of lockdown when I felt like my world had been trapped inside a box, like a caged zoo animal, while nature was becoming more brave and free while there weren’t so many people about. (Like sheep in McDonalds and goats in Llandudno!)

Please feel free to share your thoughts about my drawing.

Have you had any ideas for artworks during lockdown?

Eloise xxx

Old Books Still Life

This is a still life I drew a couple of weeks ago of some old books I found in my house. I used pastels for this drawing, which is a medium I find a little harder as you don’t have so much control and it’s harder to capture fine details.

The first half I drew from observation, and the second half I drew from a photo I had taken of the still life I set up before, because the cloth had moved since the first sitting.

I hope you like it. Please comment your thoughts.

Eloise xxx

Miniature Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the artists who inspires me most. I love his romantic, yet somber story which is so clearly portrayed in his paintings through the swirls and sweeping brush strokes.

After writing a biography of his life, I decided to do some art inspired by him. I had seen a lot of people coping his Starry Night painting so I thought I would have a go myself on a miniature canvas I had.

I enjoyed doing this and I’m quite pleased with the result. I have another idea for a painting inspired by him which I’m hoping to start soon.

The photo below shows my painting next to the image of his which I copied:

Eloise xxx

Watercolour blossom

I was inspired to do this watercolour painting by a beautiful hawthorn tree in my garden which is like a bridesmaid of nature during spring when it is covered from head to foot in a white – slightly tinted with pink – vale of delicate blossom.

I took some photos of the blossom while it was still out, and then did this painting from one of my photographs. As always, I feel that watercolours are the best medium to convey the pretty nature of flowers so this is what I chose.

I enjoyed doing this painting and I hope you like the result. The blossom in my garden has been taken by the harsh grip of wind now, but I still have this painting, and photograph, to remind myself of the beautiful flowers until it returns next spring. 🌸🎨

New Logo

Hello everyone, I hope you like my new blog logo. I thought it was time for a change. It is my own illustration and below are shown each stage of editing, starting with the initial drawing.

This drawing depicts myself in a meadow of wild flowers (where I would much rather be than in lockdown). I have been loving ink flowers lately so I decided that I definitely wanted them to be included in my logo. I have tried to make this logo a bit more ‘simple but effective’ than my previous logo designs, and I think the added editing gives it that extra special finish. 😊🌸🖊

Please comment your thoughts!

Eloise xxx

DIY Scrunchies

Lockdown has meant that I have had a lot more time to get crafty and do some sewing projects that I have wanted to do for a while. One item I have learnt how to sew during this period is scrunchies, which are really simple to make and fun to wear. Because I have really enjoyed making them, I thought I would share the pattern with you. So why not have a go if you have some extra time on your hands?

Or, visit my new Depop shop (https://depop.com/eloise_a_h) to purchase my handmade scrunchies and save the bother!

You will need:

– A strip of fabric of your choice (approx 40cm long and 7cm wide)

– A hair band

– A needle and thread

How to make:

Step 1: Begin by folding your fabric around the hair band with the inside on the outside, then stitch along the edge with running stitch. See picture below.

Step 2: Once you have stitched all the way along, turn the strip of fabric inside out on the hair band. This may be a bit tricky but just keep pulling and it will turn the right way eventually. Then fold both ends of the strip over and stitch together using mattress stitch.

Now your scrunchie is complete!

To add a bunny ear tie to your scrunchie, cut a template similar to the one shown below, and use it to cut out a piece of material the same shape. (Don’t worry if the shape isn’t perfect, chances are you won’t notice too much).

Now fold in half (inside out) and stitch the edges together. Leave a gap in the middle to turn the right way afterwards.

Turn the right way and stitch the gap together with mattress stitch.

Lastly, tie around your scrunchie!

I hope you enjoy this sewing tutorial. Now go and make a load more!

Eloise xxx

World Bee Day

I started this drawing of a honey bee about a year ago because of my passion and concern for these beautiful creatures, but have only recently got round to completing it. However, this was perfect timing because it is world bee day today!

World bee day is a time to reflect on all the reasons why I felt the need to do this drawing; bees are nature’s essential workers, we could not live without them. They pollinate flowers so plants can grow. Without plants there is no food. Without food there is no us.

So bees are important right? We couldn’t live without them. But the bad news is that bees, especially the honey bee, are becoming increasingly endangered.

Bees are dying out because of many reasons, such as diseases, which are out of our control. However, one reason they are dying is because of pollution. As the air fills with pollution, scent from plants is harder for bees to detect so they cannot pollinate flowers to make honey and get the nutrients they need. A second reason is the use of pesticides which are designed to kill species which are harmful to crops. But some of these pesticides also kill bees.

What can you do to help?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the number of bees has risen by a small amount. This is because there is less pollution from cars as people haven’t been going out so much during the lockdown. So the best things you can do to help are: don’t use cars so much, stay away from harmful pesticides, and plant flowers such as sunflowers, rosemary, buttercups and lavender which encourage bees to continue pollinating! 🌸🌻

You can also learn more about bees and what you can do to help here: https://savebees.org/learn/

With your help we can save the bees! 🐝

Thank you,

Eloise xxx

Windmill Pencil Drawing

I wanted to do this drawing of a windmill because of my love of the countryside. I love going on holiday to places like Wales where it is full of green fields and, occasionally, windmills but it doesn’t look like I am going to be able to go there this year because of Covid 19. So drawing it is the next best thing.

It might seem strange for me to draw beautiful things during this hard time, but art can often be used as an escape method – a way to travel somewhere else, and this is exactly what I wanted to do through this artwork.

It took about a month, on and off to complete this drawing. I enjoyed capturing the detail of all the bricks. I hope you like it too.

Eloise xxx

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